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How to Make a Backless Bra

How to Make a Backless Bra

Making a DIY Backless Bra

Backless dresses are a must wear for some ladies in certain situations. Trouble is that you must find an appropriate backless bra. Most of these bras are in the least bothersome, expensive and hard to come by. But you can make your own backless bra at home with minimal expenditure.

Though it is difficult to just wear a backless dress or blouse with your normal bra, making a regular bra backless is easier than you can imagine. This post shows you 2 techniques on how you can easily do this.

Why a Homemade Backless Bra?

There are many advantages of making your own backless bra. Some of the benefits are listed below;

  • Factory Made Backless Bras are expensive and rare
  • Homemade is easy to put on as compared to sticky varieties
  • Most women are not comfortable with adhesive bras
  • Taping breasts is time-consuming and agonizing
  • Backless dresses for normal bras are hard to find, and may not be considered by some to be backless
  • Enables recycling of old or ill-fitting bras
  • You can make amendments as you wish and style it your way

Diy Backless Bra

Making a DIY Backless Bra Method 1 of 2

This method entails making a bra that is backless, but with straps. The bra offers some support without showing anything at the back. It is therefore ideal for ladies with big or saggy breasts who wish to wear backless and low back dresses.

Things you’ll need

  • An old bra, with adjustable straps if possible
  • Pair of scissors
  • Sewing thread matching the color of the bra
  • Needle
  • Clothing pins

How to make a regular bra backless


  1. Using the pair of scissors cut the straps where they connect with the band (at the back)
  2. Remove the entire band up to the point where it is attached to the cups. This will depend on the style of the bra. For a wired bra, cut along the outside of the wire. For a normal boned bra, cut outside the boning. If this does not work out right, you may later remove the boning and try again
  3. Fix the loose end of the straps to the inside of the bottom of the cups using the pins
  4. Adjust the straps and try on
  5. If the positioning of the straps doesn’t look okay, fine-tune and try again
  6. Once satisfied with the pose, go ahead and sew
Turn a regular bra into a Backless bra

Note: This type of backless bra will not be appropriate for events requiring a lot of movement. If you engage in rigorous activities like dancing, it might snap out of position. But it is perfect for dinners etc.

Homemade backless bra

Making a DIY Backless Bra Method 2 of 2

This method involves removing the bra band and replacing it with a cute array of thin elastic strips. The main challenge here is that elastics are not always available in the color of your choice. However, the elastic pieces do not necessarily need to match your bra or the dress. You can choose a color that will contrast your backless dress.

How to make a backless bra

Things you’ll need

  • A front closure or halter bra (a halter neck bra in this case will only be appropriate to wear with a halter top backless dress)
  • About 1 ½ meters long by ¼ inch wide elastic
  • Sewing thread
  • Pins
  • Pair of scissors


  1. Remove the entire straps, if the bra is strappy. For a halter or strapless bra, skip this step
  2. On both sides of the band, make a horizontal cut to remove the band. For a boned bra, cut away from the boning to make your Diy bra sturdier. If there is excessive fraying, make a simple hem. You may also ask your local seamstress to overlock the spot
  3. Cut about half meter (20 inches) of the elastic and secure it to the side with pins to span the back
  4. Try on the bra and adjust accordingly until you settle on the best length of elastic
  5. Make 3 pieces of the ideal length elastic
  6. Sew the pieces of the elastic onto the side and make them as parallel as possible. You can use a ruler or tape measure and pen to mark the exact sewing spot

Note: As you have seen in the photo, this bra is not precisely backless. However, it is way better than an ordinary bra when it comes to backless fashion. Rather than showing the dreaded bra band, the neatly arranged elastic strips seem to accentuate your dress.
Note 2: For a front-closure adjustable bra, you can use other types of ribbons in place of elastic.

Which of the above methods of turning a regular bra into a backless bra appeals better to you? Go for it and enjoy your backless outfit.

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