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17 Types of Bras to Wear With Backless Dresses

Bras for backless dresses

What Bra to Wear With a Backless Dress

Choosing a good backless dress is one thing. But finding the perfect bra for your backless gown is a different matter altogether. This is because there isn’t a single bra that is perfect for all open back dresses, for all occasions and all breast sizes. The ideal bra solution depends on the style you want and the choice of your backless dress.

With about 50 types of bras in the market today, shopping for the best bra for your low back dresses can be a nightmare. The worst thing about backless outfits is that they are not made for just any type of bra. Scroll through the list and get a clear picture of what solution is best for your particular needs.

1. Clear Back Bra

Bras with a Clear Back give you the support of a normal bra without the inconvenience of adhesives, or the risk of wardrobe mishaps. The straps and band are translucent with a nude color that matches most skin tones. Only those who are close can notice that you are wearing a bra.

Clear back bra
Clear back bra

2. Backless Bustier

A Backless Bustier gives you the push-up effect without showing anything at the back. They work with most low back dresses. But, gowns which are super low-back would still expose parts of the bustier. These may therefore not be compatible. Some come with detachable straps.

3. Backless Longline Bra

Backless Long-line Bras are plunge back bras that support your boobs by the natural waist rather than the bra band area. They therefore have a lower back as compared to back closure bras. They may have the straps of an ordinary bra, be strapless or have detachable straps.

Backless longline bra
Backless longline bra

4. Criss-Cross Back Bra

Criss Cross Bras do not have a low back or backless profile. They have straps which cross at the back rather than run parallel in a vertical manner. With a backless dress, these bras are for showing off. You can match to your dress, or create a contrast. Some styles come with clear straps.

Criss-cross bra for backless dress
Criss-cross bra for a backless dress

5. Nipple Covers, Petals, and Pasties

If you don’t need the support, Nipple Covers will obscure the outline of your nipples so that no one can guess their location, even in the cold. However, they only cover but do not give any lift. If you have a dress that offers enough support but is too thin that your nipples are literally showing, these are perfect for you.

6. Breast Lift Tape

Breast Lift Tape is ideal for backless dresses, bikini tops or other outfits which offer little or no lift. They support your breasts in a nice shape and are hardly noticeable. Unless you have really small nipples, you will require nip covers. Some breast lift tapes are sold together with nipple covers, while others require that you order the latter separately.

Breast lift tape
Breast lift tape

7. Diy Backless Bra

If you are not willing to buy a backless bra, you can turn your old regular bra into a backless or low back style. You can do it yourself or ask a tailor to do it. Get more details on How to Make a Backless Bra.

8. Adhesive Bras

Most Adhesive Bras are strapless with no band. They are normally made of silicone. But in modern days, manufacturers are replacing silicone with other light-weight materials to avoid the extra weight on breasts.

If you have bigger breasts, choose a sticky bra with adhesive wings and cups. They offer better support. Sticky bras with detachable clear straps are also available.
See also How to Tape Breasts for a Backless Dress.

Adhesive bra with straps
Adhesive bra with straps

9. Sew-in cups

You can buy custom made Sew-In Bra Cups or get them from an old bra. If you wish to use a back closure bra, remove the band and straps and leave the cups intact. Custom sew in cups are more popular because they are seamless, and sometimes re-sizable.

10 Backless Bodysuit

Backless bodysuits are made to be extra low back so that you can wear them with most backless dresses. When ordering, make sure the built-in support is good for your shape and bust size. Because of their strappy design, they can not go well with strapless and halter gowns.

Backless bodysuit
Backless bodysuit

11. Strappy Bras

Bras with a Fancy Back are the perfect match for backless dresses. You can choose from a wide range of intricate styles to show off. Consider different colors to see which ones fit your dress better.

Strappy bra
Strappy Bra

12. Dainty bralettes

These are cute bras for showing off. They come in all shapes and styles. Though some have adjustable straps, others are just like sports bras or bralettes. They are ideal for racerback and adds flavor to backless outfits. Check them out at Amazon

13. Backless Torsolette/Corselette

They are a cross between a corset and a bandeau. But for low back dresses, Backless Torsolettes are made to have a low back. They still offer sufficient support because they hold the boobs by the waist. Some come with straps. They are perfect for busty women.

14. Convertible Bra

Convertible Bras can be worn halter, criss-cross, strapless, or conventionally like a normal bra. There is no direct way of pairing with a backless dress. It all depends on the dress and the look you prefer.

Plunge convertible Bra with clear straps
Plunge convertible Bra with clear straps

15. Built-In Bras

Buying a Backless Dresses with Built-In Bra is probably the most convenient way to backless fashion. Users say that these dresses offer better lift as compared to most sticky bras. Apparently, halter dresses are magical to women with big breasts.

16. Bra Converter

To instantly transform your regular bra into a low back bra, go for a Backless Bra Converter. It hooks to the band of your bra and closes at the navel area. This makes the bra not visible with low back dresses.
See more details on How to Wear a Backless Dress with a Normal Bra

Backless bra converter
Backless bra converter

17. Side-Closure/Front Closure Bras

Side Hook Bras are not much different from a normal bra. But you can wear them with an open back dress simply because they do not have a back closure. A band with no hooks at the back does not mean you are unfashionable. It rather shows that you mean to make a fashion statement.

Side closure bra for backless dress
Side closure bra for a backless dress

Wearing any of the above bras with your backless dress should give you the support and coverage you want, with a fabulous outcome. But the type you choose will rely on your individual need. Because a bra is not necessarily inevitable, what looks and feels good to you is your best answer. Most importantly, use a big mirror before venturing out to be sure that your backless bra looks best with the outfit.

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