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Wearing a Sports Bra All the Time

Wearing a sports bra everyday

Is it Bad to Wear a Sports Bra Everyday?

The style of a bra is a matter of personal choice and comfort. There are many conflicting thoughts as to whether a normal bra or sports bra is more comfortable for daily use. Sports bras are super comfortable for wearing everyday if you make the best choice in style, size and compression/impact level.

One mistake that girls make is to try wearing workout bras with higher impact levels and expecting to be comfortable in them all day or night. If a sports bra is good for running, it is most probably not good for daily use.

Many women dread sports bras fearing that the garments will make their chest flatten. But this effect is only cosmetic and there are no long-term consequences. If you feel more comfortable in sports bras, they are your best choice. If you wear a sports bra all the time and it hurts, it’s probably not for you, or you may be missing something.

Which is better; a Sports Bra or Regular Bra?

Sports bra vs. regular bra – which one is better for normal daily use? There is no clear answer. The solution depends upon your own individual needs. Consider these points;
  • If your work involves lifting your arms above your head (like in arranging stuff on shelves etc), a racerback sports bra will save you a lot of pain
  • Work or stay in hot areas? Look for a moisture-wicking sports bra. It will cool you down rather than become soggy like ordinary bras
  • For busty ladies, the answer to digging straps is a wide strap sports bra
  • Want a bra with no wires or hooks? The answer is a pullover sports bra
  • Want a front closure bra? It’s difficult to find a normal bra that closes at the front. But front close sports bras are easier to come by
  • If your breasts are unpredictably changing in size, find a Stretch Sports Bra to accommodate the changes. This happens if you pregnant, in your teens, or post-op
  • If you are prone to playing football or running around with your kids without any prior planning, wearing a sports bra during weekends is good advice
  • When going for leisurely picnics or hiking, consider wearing a sports bra. You can remove your top if the going gets hot but you can’t do so with a normal bra
  • If you like wearing a bra to bed, your best choice is a low impact sports bra

Some women and girls wear sports bras to accentuate their outfits. For instance, you can make a fashion statement with a plunge cami in a dark color and a sports bra in a brilliant color. You may like a bra with a wider band and a camisole with low armholes. Also try a low back cami and a racerback sports bra in different colors. All these sports bra outfits are not possible with a normal bra.

Sports bra for daily wear
Sports bra for daily wear

What Happens if You Wear a Sports Bra All The Time?

Some people claim that sports bras are only designed for workouts and running. But this is not the case anymore. Designers are always under pressure to manufacture sports bras for daily use.

In order to tap into this demand, they have created bras that can’t pass for athletics, bralette or a normal bra. Some sports bras available nowadays look almost like ordinary bras. But the look does not mean that the bra is fit for daily wear.

If you wear an ill-fitting sports bra or one with unnecessary support/compression for everyday use, you will suffer discomfort. But with the right choices, nothing extraordinary should happen. You will just feel cool, relaxed and modest.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra Everyday

In some circumstances, it is better to wear a sports bra instead of a regular bra. Some of the advantages are highlighted below;

  1. Straps don’t fall
  2. The wide straps do not dig into your shoulders
  3. If your top has a wide neck, your breasts won’t show as you bend over
  4. Cute to show off under other garments
  5. Moisture-wicking material keeps you cool
  6. Available in wider bands that won’t pinch
  7. Sports bras are usually longer than ordinary bras and support better by sitting closer to the natural waist
  8. Minimizing effect
  9. Easier to find in seamless styles
  10. Modest enough to allow unbuttoning your shirts in public areas if need be
Sports bra for everyday wear
Sports bra for everyday wear

Sports Bra Disadvantages

Sports bras have their own limitations and drawbacks when used for normal wear. These include;

  1. Most sports bras are not adjustable
  2. Precise sizes are not always available
  3. Lack of adjustment compels some ladies to wear wrong sizes. This leads to pinching and chaffing especially if the bra is wired
  4. They make your chest look flat – some ladies hate the minimizing look
  5. Difficult to style with wide neck outfits
  6. Pullover styles are difficult to put on and off
  7. If a pullover bra shrinks, chances are that you have to discard it. See also How to Stretch a Sports Bra
  8. Some styles are pullover but you have to hook at the back – this is difficult for people who are not flexible
  9. A feeling of constriction
  10. Mono-boob look
  11. It’s difficult to hide your nipples unless you use padding
  12. A feeling of suffocation
  13. Sports bras are very expensive compared to regular bras

Best Sports Bra for Everyday Wear

The perfect sports bra for daily use is one that has minute compression. Breasts are soft and will be okay with gentle compression. If a bra is too rigid, you are bound to be uncomfortable if you wear it for the whole day or night.

Studies which are yet to be verified suggest that too much compression for long periods can hamper the lymph flow. This, they say, “can cause breast cancer later”. To minimize this compression, opt for a low/medium impact encapsulation sports bra.

As stated earlier in this article, some circumstances call for an athletic bra instead of an ordinary one. Try and see which sports bra is more comfortable than a normal bra. If you tried one style and was not comfy, try another one. Also consider whether the discomfort is because of wrong sizing.

When to Not Wear a Sports Bra

Using a sports bra for normal daily use is not unsafe or unhealthy per se. But at times, it might not be okay in certain situations. Below are pointers that you ought not to wear your sports bra;

  • When there is breast spillage at the top or sides
  • If band rides onto your bust
  • If your chest hurts during or after wearing the bra
  • A feeling of too much relief when you take the bra off
  • If it is your regular workout bra
  • When you need some cleavage
  • Doesn’t pair well with outfits you plan to wear
  • If your peers can notice the uni-boob look

Sports bra for daily use
Sports bra for daily use

We wear clothes for comfort, style, and modesty. If you can find a sports bra that offers you these, you don’t have to worry what people may think. It’s just like choosing between a skirt, trousers, and shorts. What you like is what others should like you in. Ponder on all these points and decide whether wearing a sports bra everyday is your best choice.