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Wearing a Sports Bra After Breast Augmentation

Sports bra after breast augmentation

How to Wear a Sports Bra After Breast Surgery

A sports bra after breast augmentation is probably your best choice. Immediately following breast surgery, you need not only a cute bra but also one that offers sufficient support and speeds up the recovery process. That’s why most surgeons recommend sports bras for most breast procedures.

Complete healing after breast lift takes 6-12 months. In the first 4-6 weeks, a sports bra is normally used to hold wound dressings in position, protect breast ligaments, and minimize the movement of the implants. Some implants require a stretch compression sports bra for several months to ensure proper positioning.

Wearing No Bra After Breast Augmentation

If your surgeon instructed you to stay bra-less after surgery, try the no bra camisole. Otherwise, it is not okay to stay without a bra. There are reasons for wearing a sports bra. Some of them are highlighted below:

Purpose of a sports bra after breast augmentation:

  • Reduce swelling
  • Hold implants in their proper position
  • Speed up recovery
  • Minimize the risk of scar tissue formation
  • Protect the incisions from irritation
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Aid in eliminating toxic fluids from the body
Adjustable front close post op sports bra
Adjustable front close post-op sports bra

How Tight Should a Post Operation Bra Be?

A sports bra that is too tight is not good following breast surgery. If the advice is that you wear a loose bra, this means the implants need to be allowed to move downward slightly. If you wear a tight bra, you will interfere with this process.

In worst case scenarios, a bra may hurt if it is too tight. But some gentle pressure is required to reduce swelling. That’s why some surgeons will tell you to wear a bra that is snug but elastic for 1 week or so. If you feel that your recommended bra is hurting rather than supporting your bust, you should consult your boob job doctor.

Breasts naturally point somewhat outwards. If there is excessive compression, the breast can be mispositioned to take an awkward look. You should only wear a tight sports bra if you’ve been advised by the clinic to do so.

Best Bra to Wear After Breast Augmentation

Breast surgeons usually recommend two types of bras after surgery; a Surgical Bra or Sports Bra. Surgical bras are only essential when exceptionally accurate support is required. One scenario is when a surgery needs amending. In some cases, surgeons may advise patients to use other garments other than bras.

Breast surgeries are not all equal. Some require a bra that will prevent the implants from riding up. Conversely, some need more support than others. But most surgeons recommend gentle compression. The user-friendly restriction of a Stretch Sports Bra allows for better recovery and comfort.

Whatever bra you choose to wear, it must fit and be comfortable. Unless your surgeon tells you otherwise, the perfect bra to wear after breast augmentation is a Front Closure Stretch Sports Bra. Do not buy expensive bras at this time as you are likely to discard them later.

In the event of breast cancer operations, mastectomy and breast reduction, a Post Mastectomy Bra is your best choice.

Post surgery bra
Post surgery bra

How Long to Wear a Sports Bra After Breast Augmentation

Breast surgeries differ from one surgeon to another and from one patient to the next. A number of issues must be considered when tackling this query. That’s why it is highly advisable that you should ask your surgeon about the specifics of this subject.

Below are some reasons why different surgeons offer diverse advice concerning wearing post operation bras:

  • Wear only during the day – the implants only need to be held against gravity
  • Only at night – implants can move sideways but can’t be lowered by gravity, or need gravity
  • All day and night – healing requires compression
  • Not to wear a bra at all – the implants need the pull of gravity to move to their final destination. Or, they are held by the chest muscles and do not need support

Can You Take Off Your Sports Bra After Surgery?

If your doctor told you to wear a sports bra for 24 hours, your implants need some compression to settle better and faster. Taking off the bra for a few hours won’t hurt. If you need to stay braless like for a whole day or night, you should confirm with the clinic whether it will be alright.

In the event that your chest hurts if you take off your bra, you should minimize the duration and frequency of doing so. When the pain is too much, talk to your doctor. If taking a shower is torture because of the pain, use a bikini top.

When to Sleep Without Your Sports Bra

In case you were told to wear your sports bra to bed, it’s because the implants need to be held in place as you turn and toss. You should confirm when you can sleep without a bra. It will normally be for up to 3 months.

Some breast surgeries do not require wearing a bra to sleep. If that be the scenario, you can only wear your sports bra if you feel like. In some situations, the implants may slide outwards as you lie down and that leads to pain. That may necessitate you to wear your sports bra to avoid sleepless nights.

When to Wear Regular Bras

Following breast surgery, there is a great temptation to rush through the recovery process and wear your dream bra. Push-up bras obstruct the positioning of breast implants, while underwire bras can pinch or irritate post-op breasts. This leads to inflammation and may hinder or prolong healing.

Do not rush. Surgical and sports bras are essential in the recovery process. Your hurry might hamper recuperation and you won’t be able to wear a dream bra anytime soon.

A number of surgeons will allow you to wear wired sports bras after 3-4 weeks if the ‘crease incision is not irritated by the wire’. But the best thing to do is to wait until 3-6 months. They may be long months, but you have years and years of wearing the bra of your choice.

How to Calculate Your Post Op Bra Size

Measuring for a post-op bra is the same as taking measurements for other types of bras. See Finding Your Right Bra Size. If you can’t get a chance to take your measurements, use your normal bra size with a cup size or 2 higher. Unless your breast crease was adjusted, your band size should not change.

When shopping for post surgery bras, buy as few as possible. The size and shape of your bust will change as healing continues. If a bra feels too loose, replace it immediately. Start fitting and buying designer bras after 6 months.

Post breast augmentation bra
Post breast augmentation bra

After your boob job, do not judge the appearance of your breasts before complete healing. The shape and size will change as healing continues.

Remember to attend the follow-up visits. Before leaving the clinic, ask your doctor what to expect and what should spell alarm. Consult your surgeon if you experience any of the following:
  1. Excessive swelling
  2. Burning sensation
  3. Severe pain
  4. Fever
  5. Wounds become septic
  6. Reddening of skin around the operation areas
  7. Unexplained lumps or deflation

Avoid violent arm swinging or activities that put a lot of strain on your chest. If you do anything strenuous, your chest will hurt afterward and not during those activities. So, think before you do anything.

Though breast implants can correct a saggy bust, they do not stop the sagging process. In the future, your chest appearance might change as you age and experience different hormonal changes. In the meantime, just wearing your sports bra as advised by your surgeon should ensure that all goes well after your breast surgery.

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