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How to Take Off a Sports Bra

How to take off a sports bra

How to Remove a Sports Bra

 Taking off a sports bra, especially the racerback varieties with no hooks or zip may be a nightmare to some. A good number of ladies have experienced a scenario whereby they were virtually stuck in a sports bra. But with this guide, removing an athletic bra is easier than you can imagine.

Why is it necessary to remove your sports bra the right way? Please ponder on these points;
·        Taking off a bra the correct way guarantees a longer life
·        Removing a workout bra the wrong way can be draining – to an already worked out body
·        If a workout bra has lace detail, it can be irritating to the skin if you force-remove it

Whether you are wearing a sports bra for the gym, school or regular use, these items are largely expensive. Proper care should hence be taken to avoid premature aging. Also, always buy a good quality sports bra for the best user experience. This article tackles the crucial process of removing athletic bras in easy to follow steps.

How to Remove a Pullover Style Sports Bra

Pullover style sports bras are very popular but are probably the most difficult to remove especially if they are designed for large breasts. The lack of fastening may be convenient in some ways to some ladies. However, it complicates matters when it comes to putting on and off. These simple steps will aid you in removing such a bra effortlessly.

1.      Hike up the band to above the bust, starting with the front and work towards the back. Do this softly to avoid squeezing your chest or stretching the band unnecessarily
2.      Cross your arms at the elbows so that each hand grabs the opposite side of the band (at the back). Note: The arms should go below the shoulders and not above
3.      Gently whisk the bra above your head. Let it come off smoothly to avoid too much stretching. Done the right way, your sports bra should come off inside-out.

How to remove a sports bra

Racerback and T-Back Sports Bras

 These types of sports bras come in different shapes and styles. If the bra has a zip or hook closure, it’s advisable to undo it first. If it’s a pullover style, you can try the method described above, or follow the steps below and see what seems easier to you.
1.      Lift the band to above the breasts
2.      Reach behind your neck with both hands and smoothly raise the T-back
3.      Once the band is within reach, grab it and remove like you would a pullover

Back Closure Sports Bras

 Most ladies will be familiar with this style because regular bras are mainly designed this way. But some girls still make the mistake of treating a hooked bra like a pullover when putting on and off. It may be convenient to you to hook first and then put on, or vice versa. But this practice shortens the age of the bra. For better results, use one of the techniques below:
Method 1
1.      Drop the straps
2.      Rotate the band so that the closure is at the front
3.      Undo the fastening

Method 2
Reach for the hooks with both hands and unhook them. This requires some measure of flexibility. If you are not flexible enough, consider using method 1 above. You may over-stretch the band and make it age faster. 

Front fastening Sports Bras

 Front closure sports bras are the easiest to take off. You simply undo the fastening and remove it like you would a button-up blouse. If the bra has a zip, be sure that it doesn’t pinch your skin as this can be painful, and difficult to undo with speed.

How to take off a sports bra

Whatever style of sports bra that you wear, always follow these steps for ease and convenience. Most importantly, buy your correct size and impact level plus good quality. With this guide, you now have a better understanding of how to put off a sports bra.

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