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Tips on How to Wear a Sports Bra

How to wear a sports bra

How to Wear a Sports Bra Properly

A sports bra is one of the hardest pieces of women’s items to style. Without the right guidance, wearing a sports bra can be suffocating, embarrassing or result in pain during and after exercises. This guide will aid you in wearing a sports bra the correct way, regardless of whether it’s for athletics, leisure or everyday wear.

The many styles of sports bras available can make choosing the right one a daunting task. In selecting the right correct type, bear in mind that what is fit for yoga or walking may not necessarily be good for running or volleyball. The amount of support you need should be your first priority.

Pullover Sports Bras are perhaps the most popular among athletic bras. They have better coverage, increased stretch, but limited support. The wider straps aid in distributing the pressure on shoulders in a more efficient manner.

Racerback is a technique that was introduced to workout bras due to its ability to minimize band movement when raising the arms. As compared to strappy varieties, racerback sports bras have improved comfort, reduced shoulder digging, and little possibility of straps falling off.

Compression Sports Bras are ideal for low and medium impact activities. They are popular among girls with small cup sizes A and B. They normally have a minimizing rather than a separating effect.

Encapsulation Sports Bras are the ultimate choice for high impact exercises. They separate the bust just like an ordinary bra. Busty ladies should consider choosing this type.

Choosing the correct impact level ensures that you have adequate support, but not overly constricted. Below is a guide on how to match the impact level of your activities:

Low impact; walking, yoga, household and yard chores
Medium impact; hiking, power walking, cycling
Firm impact; jogging, volleyball, tennis
High impact; running, horse-riding, rigorous exercises

How Should a Sports Bra Fit?

A sports bra is supposed to fit a little tighter than your normal bra. But if you can’t take a deep breath, it might be the wrong sizing, or needs adjustment. You should be able to raise your hands up straight without the band moving up. If the band seems to follow your arms in this scenario, try tightening it or loosening the straps.

How to Tell If a Sports Bra Fits

  • The band must be horizontal
  • Straps should not cut into your shoulders
  • Cups should be smooth and full – wrinkling indicates they are a bigger size
  • The band should not rotate on your body
  • There should be no spillage on either the side or center
  • The band should feel tight, but comfortable
  • There should be no chaffing or irritation from the band
  • The front should rest on the ribs, not on boobs or in mid-air
  • The vertical movement should reduce substantially

How to wear a sports bra

How to Find a Sports Bra That Fits

The most convenient way of determining your correct sports bra size is to get measured. You can also use online tutorials if you have a tailors’ tape measure. But getting the right size cannot be guaranteed by measuring alone. Athletic bra sizes vary depending on manufacturer, style, country of origin, and your body shape.

To ensure a perfect fit, try the bra on your body and do some stretching. That’s why it’s advisable that you buy from a merchant with a flexible return policy. Also, do not judge a workout bra by its looks, but rather by its comfort and support capability.

What Happens if You Wear an Ill-Fitting Sports Bra?

The capability of your breasts to absorb the rebound impact on their own is highly limited. With no external support, the bust can move in an incredible manner in strenuous activities. This movement is bad for both the glands and the adjacent skin. If you wear an ill-fitting sports bra, the following issues may occur:

  • Your bust bounces during exercise
  • Chafing is bound to occur
  • The band rides on your breasts or at the back
  • Straps dig into your shoulders
  • Your cleavage shows
  • The bust spills on the sides
  • Breasts hurt during or after a workout
  • You are forced to wear 2 sports bra or a regular one underneath
  • You get stuck in your athletic bra
  • Nipples show

Can You Use a Sports Bra for Everyday Wear?

There is nothing wrong with wearing a sports bra all the time, even when not exercising. Some ladies argue that they are more comfortable with good choices in terms of style and size. If you have sweaty days, take advantage of the moisture-wicking features of an exercise bra.

Some people suggest that the constricting compression of a high impact bra might damage breast tissue if you wear it all the time. It won’t hurt to select low-impact bras for regular use. If you want to wear a sports bra every day, here are points to ponder:
  • Bras with thick straps are hard to style
  • It’s difficult to show cleavage with a sports bra
  • Some sports bras don’t have a nice appearance under blouses – uni-boob effect
  • Most have a minimizing effect
  • Some are bulky and may exaggerate your bust
  • Do not wear the same bra for normal use and workouts
  • Try recycling your worn-out sports bras by wearing them to work etc
  • When buying, choose a bra designed for everyday wear but with an athletic style
  • Be sure that you don’t hate regular bras because you wear the wrong size

Whatever type of sports bra you wear, for whatever reason, choose a good quality sports bra. Always show a sense of confidence and contentment. If you wear just an athletic bra and no shirt over it, check in the mirror before you go for running to make sure it fits right and looks good. Knowing how to wear a sports bra properly is the key to a comfy workout experience.

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