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How to Wear a Backless Dress With a Normal Bra

How to wear a Backless dress with a normal bra

Can You Wear a Backless Dress with a Normal Bra

Although it is difficult to wear a backless dress with a normal bra, women with big busts find it difficult to wear most bras that go with backless dresses. This is because most of these bras cover the chest but do not offer enough support. This leads to the need of somehow pairing backless dresses with a bra that offers support.

There are some ways of getting around the issue. Some of them are discussed below:

Use a Low Back Bra Converter

A Bra Converter like the one pictured is an invisible band that hooks to the clasps of an ordinary back closure bra and then fastens near the belly button. It makes the band plunge lower and hence keeps it from view. The low back bra converter is different to a bra extender which only bridges the gap between the clasps of a shorter bra band.
Adjustable low back bra converter strap

This converter will not work with dresses which have a deep low back. It’s also not convenient to wear it with a skin-tight dress because its outline will be visible around the belly. This problem can be solved by wearing a wide belt. A normal strapless bra will be difficult to clasp due to the pulling down effect.
Some open back dresses will have an opening that does not extend high enough for the bra band to show. Such dresses are wearable with normal bras without any worry. Buy your correct size dress and take the mirror test to ensure that the band is actually hidden.

Wear an Invisible Band Bra

Some bras that hook or zip at the front have a back band that is not easily visible. The band may be horizontal or criss-cross. Though this option may not be practical to all women, it may still be helpful to some.

Some Clear Back Bras hook at the side. In this case, the adjustment is also done on the side. This ensures that the hooks will not be visible when wearing an open back dress.

Invisible band bra for backless dress

Select a Dress that Opens above or Below the Bra Band

There are many varieties of backless dresses that can go well with a normal bra. They open in such a way that they will not show your bra band. A dress like the one pictured below is perfectly compatible with a regular bra.

Backless dress for a normal bra

Wear a Bra That Corresponds to Style of Dress

This entails choosing a dress in a style such as Halter Neck and pairing it with a Low Back Halter Neck Bra. It’s a difficult choice. However, it may be a good option for busty women who will find it difficult to find a comfortable adhesive bra.

Another way of wearing a backless dress is pairing it with a Cute Sports Bra. The bra will show, but if you choose a pretty bra, you will be proud that it is actually showing. Whenever you are showcasing your bra under a backless dress, be careful with the color combination.

How do you wear your backless dress with a normal bra? Tell us in the comment section.
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