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Tips on How to Wear a Backless Dress

How to wear backless dress

Styling a Backless Dress

In recent years many women have come to adore backless dresses. They display a confident and daring attitude. But how do you style a backless the correct way? Although backless and low back dresses make a perfect fashion statement, there are many issues to solve in order to style them the correct way.

The biggest challenge with backless fashion lies in breast support and coverage. It seems almost impossible to have adequate support without any part of a bra sticking into view especially for women with big chests. The secret to this challenge in my own opinion lies in using the mirror to configure what looks best on you.

You can try any of the following:
  • Adhesive Bra
  • Invisible Band Bra
  • Bras with Sticky Wings
  • Dresses With Built-In Support – eliminates the hassle of sticky bras

If none of the above options seems to work for you, try bras which are Pullover, Front-Closing or Side Closing. In order to work best with backless clothing, such bras should preferably have a fancy back. Bras with a thin band and no visible closure will also work fine with open back and low back dresses.
Low plunge backless bra

Low Plunge Backless Seamless Molded Longline Bra

Though you cannot wear a normal bra with a backless dress, showing part of your bra is not bad if it is intentional rather than accidental. See also: How to Wear a Backless Dress with a Normal Bra. If the outline of your nipples is showing, make sure it’s by the right audience, in the right venue.

What to wear with a backless dress

What to Wear Under a Backless Dress

What you wear underneath your backless dress is determined to a great extent by the style of your gown. Most backless dresses, including bridal gowns, are made to be figure-hugging. Choosing the correct undergarments can be very tricky.

The best choice of inner-wear for a backless dress is probably a Backless Body Shaper that reaches to below or above the breasts and goes down to the thighs. Backless shaping briefs guarantee that no seams will be visible. If the material of the dress is very thin, you must choose the right color Spanx to avoid color-bleeding. Toned/nude underwear is a good choice.

When wearing panties with a backless dress, your correct size is vital. If the panties are too small, they’ll show bulges. If they are too big, they won’t hold up, and there is also the risk of creases showing. A better choice is:

  • Invisible Hipster Briefs
  • Low Waist Seamless Panties
  • High Waist Seamless Control Panties – great for holding the tummy if they are compatible with your dress
Wearing a backless dress

What Jewelry to Wear With a Backless Dress

The choice of jewelry for your backless dress depends on whether the gown is for bridal, prom, party or you are wearing for a night out. Despite this, an open back dress requires little jewelry for a fabulous look. You should let the focus to stay on the dress.

Earrings are a good match for an open back dress. Other accessories that go well with this style are wrist and upper-arm accessories. By day, use neutral colors that don’t clash with the dress. At night, you can use sparkly jewelry. You can also wear a thin belt if the style of your dress allows.

Backdrop necklace
Backdrop Necklace
A Backdrop Necklace is perhaps the most popular accessory for backless clothing. Though you should keep neckwear to a minimum with backless clothes, a back chain seems to break the monotony of the bareback. Most Front to Back Necklaces are thick at the neck with a long thin back chain. Other neckwear accessories that you can wear are:

  • Choker Necklace
  • Backdrop Head Chain
  • Bra Strap Halter Necklace – ideal for strapless bridal gowns
  • Shoulder Necklace – offers too much shoulder coverage and hence popular with brides

What to wear with backless dress

Hairstyles for a Backless Dresses

A backless dress is a statement in itself. It doesn’t require a sophisticated hairdo. For a good outcome, opt for a simple hairstyle. If you have a short hair, try wearing it straight rather than curly.

It is ironic to wear a backless dress with hair that covers the whole of your back. To avoid such an irony, use a hair accessory to hike up your hair. If you must wear your hair down, it is better if it is in strands rather than hanging loose. The fewer the strands, the better will be the look.

Some ladies opt for a hairstyle that seems to obscure their open back but reveals the back as they turn. This creates a peek-a-boo effect. Though this may be a good fashion style, you should take care to ensure that at least a small part of your back is showing when you look to the side. Otherwise, the style may look awkward.

How to Cover a Backless Dress

If you have a backless dress but intend to wear it in a non-backless style, try a cardigan or blazer over it. For hot weather, cover your dress under a Mesh Cardigan, white shirt, or Lace Top. In the climate is cold, you can layer under or over the dress. When wearing your gown in this fashion, you can use any type of bra as it will not be visible.

If you love sweaters, it is okay to use a sweater to cover your backless dress. But you should be aware that a sweater might create the impression that you are wearing a skirt rather than a dress. So, you must be comfortable with that.

Permanently altering a backless dress to a non-backless gown is not easy. You require the services of a well-experienced seamstress. Nevertheless, finding a piece of cloth that is a perfect match for your dress is almost impossible. Some tailors use a contrasting piece or opaque lace.

How to wear a backless dress

If you opt to wear a backless dress, you must show confidence and contentment. Otherwise, it may seem as if you wore it by force, or regret wearing it. If you think you will feel embarrassed in the dress, don’t wear it.

Despite what many conservative stylists may believe, backless dresses are stylish rather than vulgar. They are sexy and make a fashion statement without being too offensive to anyone. I hope these tips will help you in wearing your backless dress. In case you have anything to add, use the comment section.

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