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How to Wear a Backless Dress with Large Breasts

How to wear a backless dress with large breasts

Wearing a Backless Dress with a Big Bust

Wearing a backless dress can be bothersome if you have a large bust. Most low back solutions that work for ladies with small chests may not be appropriate for you. But despite this, there are still many possibilities that you can explore and see which one works for you.

First, you should not worry too much about what people think about your backless style. For instance, do not mind if a little bit of your cute bra is showing. Second, don’t get embarrassed if you think the backless bra solution you are using is somewhat crazy. Try any one (or combine 2) of the following methods:

Sticky Bras That Work

If you want to create the illusion of not wearing a bra, you can use an adhesive bra. Unfortunately, these do not always work for busty women. Below is a collection of sticky bras that have been seen to provide enough support:
  1. Braza Backless Freedom Bustier
  2. Braza Women's Magic Bra Cups
  3. NuBra Seamless Push Up AdhesiveBra
  4. Hollywood Curves Women's Magic Boob Job
  5. Fashion Forms Women'sBackless Strapless U Plunge Bra
  6. NuBra Women's Basic FeatherLite Bra

Pullover Sports Bra

A sports bra looks better with a backless dress because it can be used as outerwear. Pullover Sports Bras are predominantly more popular because they do not have the annoying back closure. The most admirable ones are those with a fancy back.

Although strappy varieties of workout bras are the most well-liked, some ladies still opt for racerback styles. You can choose any style of bra that looks good, but avoid those with too much back coverage. If you need a bra with adjustable straps, go for straps that adjust at the front.

Breast Lift Tape

Breast Lift Tape is specifically designed to raise the boobs from above rather than supporting from below. Some women with bigger breast sizes might not get enough support and/or comfort when using these. Most brands of breast lift tapes do not cover the nipples and require using in conjunction with nipple covers.

How to wear a backless dress with large breasts

Clear Strap Bra

Bras with Clear Straps and/or band are made for backless and strapless dresses, or dresses with little shoulder coverage. The straps and band are usually transparent in a color that matches most skin tones. If the band has an adjustment or clasp, is in normally at the side and not the back. Mostly, these bras are only noticeable when one is really close.

Bra Strap Converter

Bra strap converter

A Bra Strap Converter is attached to the closure of an ordinary bra to make it drop lower. This allows for wearing your regular bra with a good number of low back dresses. Bra converters might not be compatible with some dresses that are form-fitting at the front belly area.

Front Closure Bra

According to the fashion police, it is not okay to show bra hooks with a backless dress. But, it is okay to show a bra band if the bra is purposely designed for a backless gown. That is why bra makers came up with Front Closure Bras with a neat back that is well-suited for low back fashion. You can choose a bra color that blends or compliments your dress.

Sewn-In Bra Cups

You can buy a backless dress and attach bra cups from an unused bra. Though letting a tailor do the work is the simpler option, you can still do it yourself. For better results, choose a dress with wider straps or halter neck.

In case you don’t have an old bra, take your dress to a seamstress who is experienced in wedding gowns. They can design and attach a bra that will fit and support you perfectly. Alternatively, you can buy Sew in Bra Cups.

Built-In Support

Backless dress with built-in bra

Backless Dresses with Attached Bras are widely available. The in-built support can be in the form of bra cups or the front side of a crop top. Some backless dresses are also designed to incorporate lining and shaping that offers enough coverage and support for girls with small busts. Whichever type of dress you choose, make sure that the integrated support is sufficient for your breast size.

Diy Breast Tape

The types of tape that you can use on your bust include Sports Strapping Tape and Surgical Tape. Some women even use duct tape. Whichever one you choose, make sure it is flexible and not noisy. Breathable cloth tapes are better because they hold for longer and wick away moisture, keeping you cool.

Before applying breast tape, you should use nipple cover, piece of cloth, padding or a reversed tape. It is important to protect your nipples from sticky tape because they are more sensitive than other skin.
Using tape vertically seems to offer more support in most women. The most common way to tape is to stick the tape to around the collar bone area. If your boobs are particularly large and heavy, consider attaching the tape to your shoulders. You can drop it to below the nipples, or under the bust.

Another way of taping breasts is fastening the horizontally. This method is more appropriate for ladies who want a minimizing effect.

Note 1: when taping boobs, use the mirror to ensure symmetrical shape, size and lift.

Note 2: Do not use sellotape or electrical tape. These are not breathable and can also be excruciatingly painful to remove. They often require solvents like petrol when removing.

Wearing a backless dress with large breasts

Whichever method of wearing a backless dress with large breasts you choose, do not worry that it looks or sounds ridiculous. The final outcome is what matters the most. If nothing seems to work for you, consult a reputable wedding gown expert. Should you opt for no-support coverage, first check in the mirror to ensure the style is okay for you.