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How to Wear a Sports Bra without Padding

How to Wear a Sports Bra without Padding

How Do You Wear Unpadded Sports Bras?

Most sports bra are either padded or lined. But how are you supposed to wear an athletic bra that doesn’t have adequate coverage? It can be frustrating and embarrassing especially with the outline of your bust showing through.

There are a number of ways of tackling this issue. In this article, we’ve outlined two of the best options. The first choice is the easier one for many active ladies.

Use Sports Bra Pads

Sports Bra Pads

Sports bra inserts are mostly made of stretchable nylon. They are breathable so they won’t interfere with the moisture-wicking features of your workout bra. Be careful when ordering because some pads are designed for swimming and will make you soggy.

Sports Bra Inserts come in 3 different colors and one size that fits all. They will hide your nipples as well as enhance your bust. They are not like ordinary bra padding which have fake tits. If you like, you can even sew them onto your leisure or sports tank tops.

Layer with a Sports Tank Top

Sport tank top

Most workout tank tops have an attached bra. But if you are already wearing a sports bra underneath, you won’t need an athletic tank with a built-in bra. Look for a tank that is sports quality.

Most Sports Tank Tops are loose and have big arm holes to ensure adequate ventilation. They are long enough, cute and a good pairing with shorts of whatever size or length. The material breaths and will not get waterlogged.

How to Wear a Sports Bra without Padding

The bottom-line for any workout clothing is to make you comfortable and confident. One of the above methods should work with your particular settings. But if these strategies will not help you wear your unpadded workout bra with poise, consider buying a Padded Sports Bra.

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