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How to Wear a Sports Bra Under a Tank Top

Sports bra tank top combo

Sports Bra Tank Top Combo

Wearing a sports bra under a tank top is an excellent combination for many ladies. Whether it’s for the gym or leisure wear, this combo looks cute and also feels cool and sexy. But the issue arises if the tank top has a plunging neck or armholes and the bra is visible.

When wearing a tank over a sports bra, you must keep 2 things in mind. Your tank must cover your bra, or you must be comfortable with whichever part of the bra that may be visible. This article will offer you an insight on how to properly pair these two items of clothing.

Wear a Thin Strap Sports Bra and a Wide Strap Tank

Thin strap sports bra
Spaghetti sports bras

Most athletic bras have wide straps in order to reduce shoulder fatigue. But spaghetti sports bras are still available. The straps are not noticeable under most tanks unless of course, you are wearing a thin strap camisole.

Sports bras with thin straps are not a good option for running or other high impact activities. The straps are highly likely to dig into your shoulders during such actions. This might lead to some body aches and/or finger tingling. You should therefore only wear such a combo for weekends or the beach etc.

Choose a Tank With Small Armholes

Tank top with small arm holes

Most women and girls are somewhat comfy with bra straps showing. But a good number will feel embarrassed if the side of the bra is visible. This does not necessarily matter which type of bra one may be wearing.

Feminine tanks with small arm holes are rare but still available. They offer good coverage around the armpit area and the bra will not show. However, too small armholes are not good for sweaty events. They are uncomfortable and are bound to become soggy.

Get a Cute Sports Bra to Show Off

Cute sports bra

If you must wear a tank top with big armholes, look for a cool sports bra. If a workout bra is good enough to wear without anything over it, then it’s perfect to pair with a baring tank. If you choose carefully, you may even look like you are wearing 2 tanks.

It is possible to use your bra for accent to produce a sexy look. Try a sports bra with real straps and a Racerback Tank in a different color, for instance. Or try a colorful bra and an accentuating tank with a small part of the side showing.

Match the Style of the Tank to the Bra

The main reason your bra peeps to the glare of other people is that it is a different style from your tank. But it will hardly be seen if they are cut the same way. If your bra is a racerback, look for a Racerback Tank.

If the tank has a V-back or plunging back, wear a Sports Bra with Normal Straps. With this pairing, small parts of the bra may still be seen in various postures. Be sure that this will not make you feel bad.

Have a Seamstress Reduce the Armholes of Your Tank

There must be a good tailor in your area. If your tank top has overly large armholes, you can ask them to make some modifications. Though this may not be as straightforward as it sounds, the seamstress will advise you on whether such an alteration is possible.

How to wear a sports bra under a tank top

Regardless of your choices, you must feel comfortable and look cute for whatever activity that you were dressing. If your bra shows and you have carefully chosen your combo, let is show and don’t worry. Don’t act like you wore your clothes against your will. Showing a sports bra under your tank is not bad after all. It depends on the overall look, the settings, and your attitude.

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