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Should You Wear a Sports Bra to Bed?

Wearing a sports bra to bed

Wearing a Workout Bra to Sleep

Wearing a bra to bed is largely a matter of personal choice and comfort. Most women will choose a sports bra over other types of bra for the sole reason of comfort. But do you really have to wear a sports bra to bed? This article aims at exploring this controversial issue and shedding more light to aid you in making a better decision.

The whole point of wearing a bra other than aesthetics is to delay sagging and avoid stretch marks. Though small breasts may not sag as you sleep, big ones will inevitably do unless you lie on your belly. This might cause wrinkling at the sides of the breasts.

What Happens If You Wear A Sports Bra To Bed?

There is nothing out of the ordinary that happens when you wear an athletic bra to sleep. Though some people argue that your breasts will look better, studies to prove this are still ongoing.

There are reports that ladies with big busts sleep better in bras than braless. Some girls especially those with small breasts say there is reduced sourness and tenderness in the morning if they wear a workout bra at night. Others claim it is pure torture.

Men are crazy about bras, but are even crazier when it comes to removing them. If you share your bed with your spouse, it is good to discuss the issue with him if you decide to sleep in your bra.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra to Bed

Does wearing a sports bra to bed prevent sagging? Aging, pregnancy and gravity are mainly to blame for breast sagging. Wearing a bra during the day or night will not cause or prevent drooping. However, studies strongly suggest that bras may delay sagging, but wearing a bra will not reverse the process.

Here are more advantages of wearing a sports bra to bed:
·  Sports bras are more comfortable in bed compared to normal bras
·  Prevent pain in saggy breasts after hours of turning and tossing
·  They are cooler than ordinary bras, and even some tops
·  Going go bed in a workout bra is more comfortable for busty women as compared to sleeping braless
·  Wearing a bra to bed may help with stretch marks
·  More convenient for nursing mothers
·  Reduce friction in sensitive breasts and therefore prevent soreness
·  Essential after breast surgery
·  Sports bras are better than regular bras during rapid growth, e.g. in adolescence and pregnancy
·  In the event of security and weather emergencies, an athletic bra is decent to run out in
·  You feel kind of secure and intact
Should you wear a sports bra to bed

Does Wearing a Sports Bra to Bed Prevent Growth?

According to, what you wear does not prevent or influence breast growth. The rate and intensity of breast growth is dictated by genetics and n hormonal changes. Nevertheless, proper fitting is essential. If you wear a bra that is too small, there may be digging and a feeling of suffocation. If you wear too big, the result is insufficient support, discomfort, stretch marks etc.

Is it Dangerous to Wear a Sports Bra to Bed?

There is no solid evidence to prove that wearing a workout bra to bed is bad for you. Experts say that wearing a constrictive bra to bed may affect the structure of the breasts. This leads to inflammation and discomfort.

Some studies show that if wires push on your chest, this can cause cysts in the long run. Inconclusive studies suggest that breasts should have a lower temperature than the rest of the body. They claim that some bras may lead to cancer as a result. Though it is difficult to establish the truth, you should choose comfy and cooling fabrics.

Overall, there is no solid evidence to support the theory that bras cause cancer. There is also no proof that sports bras, or other compression/minimizer bras can flatten the chest.

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When to Not Wear a Sports Bra to Bed

If you use the same bras to bed as you wear to the gym or running, you should bear in mind that they will age faster. They are also bound to be too tight and uncomfortable. Consider acquiring Low Impact Sport Bras for use as you sleep. Below are pointers that suggest you should not wear your sports bra to bed:

·  A feeling of suffocation or bondage rather than freedom
·  If you have pinch marks as you get up
·  Skin rashes on the areas covered by the bra
·  If the bra is the Wrong Size! You wake up with itchy, engorged, swollen breasts
·  If the bra hinders blood circulation
·  If you suspect Insomnia or waking at night is caused by the bra
·  If the bra has lace that irritates the skin
·  If the bra is high impact
·  If the band rotates as you turn – could hurt
·  If you suffer a discomfort of any form
·  If wires poke
·  Bras with wires “can give you cysts”
·  Breast with certain implants can be deformed if they are overly compressed –
·  If you are with your spouse, let them remove it if they wish – talk over the issue
·  Ask yourself whether you need to wear your athletic bra to bed or are simply used to the habit

Note: Some issues may arise simply because you are wearing a workout bra with more than sufficient support for nightly wear. In the even of any problems, consider using Bra Alternatives like Tank Tops, or an athletic bra with lower support.

Whether to wear your workout bra to bed or not should be your sole decision. Are you worried about stretch marks? Unless it hurts, and if there is even a slight possibility that it will help with stretch marks, it’s worth trying.

If you get issues after wearing your athletic bra to sleep, you should probably stop. Otherwise, if eating the right food is better than spending months in hospital, and brushing makes more sense than teeth extraction, then wearing a sports bra to bed is the better option. Get a properly fitting Low Impact Sports Bra to wear at night.

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