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How to Put On a Sports Bra

How to put on a sports bra

How to Properly Put On a Sports Bra

Putting on a sports bra the right way depends on selecting the correct size. The most common issue with most women and girls is choosing a bra with a bigger band and smaller cups. If you can’t find your right size, it’s good to be measured by an expert. Once you properly put on a sports bra, it fits better, lasts longer and offers better support.

Although there are many different styles of Sports Bras, virtually all of them will require one of the following methods when putting on. Browse to see under which category your sports bra belongs:

How to put on a pullover style sports bra

How to Put On a Pullover Style Athletic Bra

You put on this type of bra the same way as a camisole or crop top. The only difference is that you should take care not to over-stretch the bra in order to avoid untimely aging. Most sports bras, like the Racer-Back Styles will fall into this category. Follow these steps:

1.      Hold the bra upside down (by the band) with the cups facing you
2.      Open the band slightly and slide the arms into the armholes. Bring the band towards both elbows
3.      Holding the back of the band with your right arm, whisk it above your head
4.      Stretch your arms high and apart to make the bra slip to the shoulders. The band will rest just above your bust
5.      Using both hands, slide the band gently from the front to the back and vice versa to bring it to a horizontal position below your chest
6.      Position and straighten the straps
7.      Massage the breasts to ensure they fit perfectly into the cups. Lean forward it necessary

How to put on a front closure sports bra

Putting On a Front Closure Sports Bra

Front clasp sports bras are probably the easiest to put on. They may be tightened by way of a zip, or a set of hooks and eyes. Some types will have 2 clasps as if it were a 2-in-1 bra. Below is the procedure for putting on;

1.      Slide your arms into the armholes as you would when wearing a button shirt
2.      Adjust the straps if they look too tight or loose
3.      Hold the two sides of the front and bring them to a close. For saggy boobs, physically lifting them before fastening the bra will prolong the life of the band
4.      Feel the band around your body to ascertain that it is parallel to the floor
5.      Bend forward and massage the bust for proper positioning
6.      Feel the straps to make sure they are not overturned or not fitting. Fine tune if need be

Note: In case you have difficulty with this type of sports bra, lie on your back when fastening.

How to put on a back closure sports bra

How to Put On a Back closure Sports Bra

Most ladies are familiar with back closure sports bras as they are very similar to normal bras. However, it is still possible to put on back clasp sports bra the wrong way, leading to a shorter lifespan, or an ill-fitting bra. There are two methods of putting on these types of sports bras:

Method 1
This method is often favored by ladies with more flexible arms.
1.      Put your arms into the armholes as in a blouse with back buttons
2.      Place the breasts in the cups and secure them by holding the bottom of the band
3.      Still with your hand on the band, work your way to the back and close the hooks
4.      Feel the band, cups, and straps and polish up if needed

Method 2
1.      Hold the unfastened bra by the straps in front of your body. Whisk it to your back as in a wrap skirt
2.      With the cups to your back, hold the straps using your elbows
3.      The hooks will be at your waist and will close really easily
4.      Turn your sports bra around to position the cups to the front
5.      Put on the straps starting with the elbows, or the hands, whichever seems easier
6.      Feel around to position and adjust where needed

1. Some back closure sports bras are pullover style but still have a back clasp. Because this one doesn’t open, you have to wear it like a pullover, and then stretch your arms behind your back to close.
2. Putting on a back-clasp bra by fastening first will lead to untimely aging.

How to put on a halter-neck sports bra

Putting On a Halter Neck Style Workout Bra

Halter top sports bras basically come in 2 styles: single strap and two straps. For a single strap halter-neck sports bra, put it on like a pullover. Then bow your head to hoist the strap to behind your neck. If it has a back closure, fasten it at your waist before fitting.

The twin strap halter sports bra is more like a bikini top. But, it might not have an adjustable band. To wear this style, you do it the pullover way. Then, tie the string straps at the back of your head. You do this while the head is erect. If the band is adjustable, the best way to wear is to hook it at your belly and then rotate before doing the straps.

How to put on a strapless sports bra

How to Put On a Strapless Style Sports Bra

Strapless athletic bras are not very common. This is because of their insufficient support in high impact sports like running. Secondly, they are more likely to snap out of position. However, bandeau style sports bras are available for activities like sunbathing, swimming and yoga.

While small girls may wear any type of bandeaus, women with bigger chests may find it difficult to indulge in any exercise with a strapless bra. If you must go the strapless way, try a longer bra. The more the band extends lower, the better support it offers. For medium support activities, choose a strapless sports bra with a band to your natural waist and a firm top.

Putting on a strapless bra depends on whether it has claps or not. If it has a fastening, close it at the waist and then fit. If it has none, put it on the pullover way and then slip it tenderly to its right position.


Whichever type of sports bra you wear, always remember that the straps should be firm but not tight. The band must be level and rest squarely on your ribs, not over the bust or in mid-air. Plus, the breast tissue should sit inside the cups with no spillage. Also insist on buying the best sports bra for longer service. If you follow these tips, it ought to be fairly easy to put on a sports bra.

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