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How to Tape Breasts for a Backless Dress

How to tape breasts for a backless dress

How to Use Boob Tape

Using breast tape is the best method of supporting a woman’s boobs when wearing a backless dress. It is the only technique that has sufficient strength to support, create cleavage and stay on for a long time. Regardless of bust size or shape, breast tape will give a superb outcome.

Taping your breasts for the first time can be very difficult. Making corrections is always terrible. In order to get excellent results, you need to do a lot of rehearsing. Here are some points to ponder before using boob tape:
  • Use nipple covers, padding, or cloth on the nipples – never tape directly on nipples
  • If you have bruising or injury anywhere where tape will stick, first cover it with a piece of cloth
  • Do not use lotions or powders on areas you think will require sticking tape
  • If you are sweaty, or aren’t sure the skin is clean and dry, use alcohol to clean
  • Opt for a wider tape to avoid bumps between strips of tape
  • If you find it too difficult to tape on your bust, use an old bra. Cut away the wings and straps, then tape it on. You can also craft a makeshift bra using tape and then stick it on
  • Cut a little piece of the tape and stick it to near the inside of your elbow to check for any allergic reaction. Leave it on for several hours. If you get too a great deal of irritation, try another type or brand.

Why Diy Breast Lift Tape

What are the advantages of tape over other backless solutions? The main reason is that boob tape works better for some ladies. Below are more reasons;

  • Offers lift unlike other backless bras
  • Diy breast tape reduces movement e.g. like when dancing
  • Taping horizontally has a minimizing effect
  • You can create the cleavage you want with boob tape
  • Some women with big breast say that no backless solution offers them enough support
  • When using a bra is not practical

Tapes to Use

Tapes Not to Use
  • Masking tape – it is very weak
  • Insulating tape
  • Sellotape

Sellotape and electrical tapes are not breathable and are almost impossible to remove unless you can find an appropriate solvent.

Taping Breasts Vertically

Taping breasts for a backless outfit

Using boob tape vertically offers better support especially for women with large breasts. It’s also the better option for gowns with a deep front plunge or wide arms. This is the procedure:
  1. Cut a piece of tape at about 1ft long and fasten to the outer side of your breast. Lift your boob accordingly and let it run from the bottom of your bust to your shoulder. The spot where you stick it will depend on the style of your dress. Should the gown have little shoulder coverage, the tape should reach to somewhere on the collar bone
  2. Stick a second piece of tape on the inner side
  3. Repeat over the middle, first covering the nipple
  4. Do the same on the other breast
  5. If you need additional support or shaping, use another piece of tape across the bottom of your bust

Taping Breasts Horizontally

Applying breast tape across your chest has the advantages of: ease of use and the minimizing effect. Use these steps;
  1. Cut at least 3 pieces of tape (about 1ft long) to with the length to run from under the armpit, over your breast to the other side.
  2. Use band aid or nipple covers to obscure your nipples against glue
  3. Strap one end of tape under your left armpit. With the tape on your right hand, bend slightly to support both your boobs with your left hand.
  4. Run the tape over the lower part of your breasts to stick it to under the right armpit
  5. Massage gently to ensure fit
  6. Take another strip of tape and fastening it over the nipple area. If you are using non-sticky nipple covers, secure them with this piece. Use this strip to space the boobs to your liking
  7. Strap another strip to above the second one and rub accordingly. If your dress has a plunging neckline, you may omit this piece, or use it between the first 2, or on top of the first
  8. If there are bulges between the strips, bridge them with smaller pieces of tape

Taping Breasts Horizontally for a Backless Dress

Don’t stick too close to the armpits as the skin might be too sensitive
At the armpit area, avoid sticking tape on tape to avoid the pieces coming off
Ask for help from a friend if need be.

How to Create Cleavage with Duct Tape

The secret to creating an awesome cleavage lies in pushing your boobs higher and closer. Either of the 2 methods discussed above can make a cleavage. But you must have a cleavage in mind before you start taping.

In order to ease and aid lifting, tape while leaning forward. If you want a super-push, use 2 pieces of tape with one on top of the other. Strap them on the lower side of your breasts and on to the armpits.

Removing Breast Tape

It doesn’t make much sense to let boob tape stay on when your get home. The easiest way to remove it is in the shower or bath tub. Alternatively, you can wet the strapping in warm water or Olive Oil and then peel gently.

If there is any glue residue, use Baby Oil and cotton wool to wipe it away. Though a bit of redness is common after using duct tape, you should not experience a lot of irritation. If this occurs, consider changing the tape.


Remember that only you should be aware that your breasts are taped. You should therefore feel confident rather than self-conscious. The attitude you show matters more than the bra hack you used for your backless gown. So, go ahead and put a smile on your face, and enjoy the event.

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