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9 Ways to Wear a Backless Dress Without a Bra

How to wear a backless dress without a bra

If you have a flawless back, backless fashion is the perfect style for you. Although backless dresses will make you look sexy and bold, they are not outright vulgar. Unfortunately, sticky bras are not always a good option for all ladies. This post will guide you on how you can wear a backless dress without a bra.

The whole point of finding a backless bra alternative is to support your bust and hide the nipples. If you are really busty and need extra support, you can employ 2 methods simultaneously.

1. Choose a Dress With Built-In Support

Most backless dresses will be lined on the bust area. But not all will give you sufficient support. However, you can find open back dresses with enough support from online outlets. Most women with big breasts will find that halter-neck dresses work best.

Backless dress with buillt-in bra
Backless Dress with Built-in Bra

2. Have a Tailor Attach Extra Lining to the Dress

A tailor who has experience in the wedding industry can fasten a garment that looks like the front part of a crop top to your dress to offer support and/or coverage. The cloth is sewn onto the dress around the collarbone area. The bottom side consists of elastic which is fastened onto the side of the gown. After putting on the dress, you pull the elastic down to below your bust and you are done.

3. Sew Bra Cups into a Backless Dress

Sewing in bra cups into a dress or top can be pretty challenging. Sometimes, it’s easier to look for a seamstress who is experienced in the field. However, you can still try it if you have the will.

For a backless dress to hold your bust properly with sewn-in cups, it needs to be form-fitting. For better results, choose a dress with a lined bodice, and shaped to accommodate the bust. There are three ways of sewing on bra cups:
  • Inserting the cups between the lining and outer fabric
  • Sewing the cups onto the lining and cutting off the material inside the cup to eliminate creasing
  • For unlined dresses, you can put the cups onto the

  1. Put on the dress to see where your breasts are positioned in relation to the gown. You may use any marker if you like
  2. Place the cups onto your bust to estimate the best angle
  3. With the dress on a table, inside-out, position the cups and pin them in place. Leave about 1 inch between the cups
  4. Try on the dress and make any adjustments if need be
  5. Sew on, using long stitches just in case the positioning is not perfect. If the fit is superb, secure the cups using a more stable stitch

a) If the dress is curved around the bust to cater for the bust, sew the cups around the edges
b) For unfitted clothes, use only a few stitches to avoid wrinkling the gown
c) If you sew the cups onto the lining, it might be a better option to cut off the material covering the inside of the cup to enhance the overall appearance
d) While sewing the cups onto the outer material, use inseams so that no stitches are visible on the outside
e) If it seems impossible for your dress to accommodate cups, use the front part of a tank crop top.  Attach the cups to the top and then fasten it to the side seam of the dress.  Cut off the straps where it seems best and sew on

4. Sew a Bra into a Backless Dress

Sewing an unused or old bra into a backless dress may be simpler than using cups. Virtually anyone can do it with trial and error with no need of a sewing machine. For busty ladies, a push-up bra works better. It won’t necessarily have the pushed up effect once you sew it on, but it is bound to have improved support.

For a bra to have the perfect outcome, the cups need to be well fitting. Remove the band and straps. You can separate the cups or use them as they are. You may prefer to leave the cups adjoined for easier positioning.

There is no universal formula for putting a bra inside a dress. It mostly depends on the style of dress and the type of bra you choose. The best thing to do is to avoid unnecessary stitching to prevent the dress from gathering and losing shape. Also try sewing onto the seams to avoid stitches poking out. Again, if the dress is not fitted at the bodice, this method might not offer you the support you want.

5. Taping Your Breasts

There are many different types of tape that can be used to tape breasts. They include Medical Tape and sports strapping tape. Some ladies also use duct tape as it is cheaper and stronger. But it can be painful to remove.

For best results, choose a tape:
  • That is strong enough – weak ones like masking tape might come off in the middle of your outing
  • With sufficient width – if a tape is too thin, it may reveal the padding on the nipples
  • That is breathable – well-aerated tapes are less likely to make you hot and soggy. They also ensure the adhesive will stay on longer
  • That is soft – rigid tapes are noisy and may raise eyebrows as you hug your colleagues

Cloth tape

Don’t use any tape directly on your breasts as the nipples are very sensitive. If you don’t have padding, use cotton wool or a piece of soft, thin material. A simpler method is to tape on an old bra. Use a pair of scissors to remove the band and straps. You can tape the cups as they are, or you can detach them and tape separately depending on the situation. See also How to Tape Breasts for a Backless Dress.

6. Use Breast Lift Tape

Breast lift tapes are specially designed to lift the breasts from above rather than from underneath. Some of them have un-glued nipple areas, while others leave the nipples bare. If you use the latter, you have to apply nipple covers if the nipples can show through your clothing.

Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers with Breast lift tape
Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers with Breast lift tape

7. Adhesive Bandages or Pads / Band-Aids

Adhesive Bandages are preferred by many ladies over tapes as they are cheap. They are also appropriate as they are designed for use on the skin. The padding is gentle on the nipples. The only disadvantage is that they won’t lift the bust.

Use two pieces on each nipple in a criss-cross manner. To avoid too much protrusion, remove the padding on the top one. If any glue residue is left on the skin after removing them, use baby oil on a cloth or cotton wool to remove it.

Adhesive Bandage

8. Breast Covers for Backless Dresses

If you need coverage and don’t care about the bounce, you can make use of Nipple Covers, otherwise called breast petals. They conceal the outline of the nipples to give a smooth look. You can use them under a bra or even in the absence of a bra.

Nipple covers
Nipple Covers

Nipple covers come in 2 varieties, reusable and disposable. They should be applied on clean dry skin, free of injuries. You can clean the area with alcohol to be sure. Some cheap imitations might come off with excessive perspiration. Make sure you buy only from reputable manufacturers.

9. Backless Body Shapers

Backless body shaper
Backless Body Shaper

A Backless Body Shaper looks like a bodysuit, but with the back cut off. They feature a snap closure at the bottom for ease of use. Some come with detachable straps which you can cross at the back, wear halter or attach them in a cami style.

The bust area of backless body shapers has re-usable adhesive. This is of great help if you cannot use the straps with your dress. One disadvantage is that the bonding agent will lose its strength with repeated use.

Backless bra solutions

What do you think? Do you know another way of wearing a backless dress without a bra? Let us know in the comments.

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