What is a Maxi Dress?

what is a maxi dress

Maxi Dress Definition

Maxi dresses are long gowns that hit somewhere from the ankles to the floor. In the past, maxi dresses were treated as informal attire. This notion has changed over the years to make maxis the most adored formal outfits. Modern styles are mostly fitted at the waist and flowy at the hem.

In recent years, fashion designers have used soft feminine materials to accommodate long gowns into catwalks around the world. The creation of different styles of maxi dresses has made it possible for women to wear them anywhere from the beach to parties and so forth. Popular trends include halter-neck, floral, sleeveless and backless.

How Should a Maxi Dress Fit?

A maxi dress or skirt should feel comfortable and look good from your own perspective. But you should also receive complements from your peers when you wear it. In order to look elegant in a long gown, you must choose the best size and style. Secondly, you must know how to style and accessorize it.

Proper length is a must. Here are points to ponder:
  • Dragging your hem on the floor will make it wear out faster
  • If it falls way above your ankle, it is not a maxi
  • A pencil style that is too long will make it harder to walk and can also make you fall
  • If it’s too long for your flats, style it with wedges or heels
  • Avoid shoes that cover the uppers of your feet
Maxi Dress

Who Can Wear a Maxi Dress?

Every woman or girl can wear a Maxi dress. There are many ways of styling a maxi to suit any body type for a variety of events. You can take it to the beach, and still style it for a wedding or work. Nowadays, some women even wear it as maternity attire.

Different colors of maxis create dissimilar looks and require custom pairing. Most women choose solids as they go with any color shoes. They also make you appear taller, just like a skirt suit.

Colorful and printed maxi dresses and skirts look super cute in warm weather. Floral prints are probably the most popular summer styles. Stripes are flattering as well. However, you should take care with striped clothes as they can create a look that you don’t intend.

Can Short People Wear Maxi Dresses?

Most dressmakers design clothes for the average body size. They seem to forget shorter ladies. Although you can still find petite maxi dresses, here are some points you need to consider:
  • When shopping online, opt for stores that have petite sections. The clothes fit better than those adjusted later
  • Look for a good tailor in your area. Occasionally, you may find a dress or other outfit that is too good to reject, but your size is not available. Adjusting a hem is always a good investment.
  • Some dresses are easily adjusted simply by using a belt
  • Consider wearing heels. If they are too much for you, opt for wedges
  • Outfits in horizontal stripes make you look taller

Why a Maxi Dress?

Due to its light-weight nature, a maxi outfit is incredibly versatile. You can dress it down for the summer, or hide layers underneath for the winter. For ladies with flawed legs, long dresses are forgiving.

You can wear it casually with flip flops or be stylish in heels. You can also choose a sheer style for the beach or pool, or opaque for a formal occasion. With the best choices, you can wear a maxi dress for virtually any event. Though these fashion staples seem to look better on some ladies, designers say there is a maxi dress for any body type.

Maxi Dress Styles

Maxi dresses come in a variety of styles. Not all styles will fit all accessions. While some are appropriate for work or formal events, others will be suitable only for a casual day or beach wear.

  • Halter Neck
  • Backless
  • Sheer
  • Strapless
  • Sleeveless
  • Long Sleeve
  • Short Sleeve

A comfy and stylish outfit is a must for every woman. To most women, a flowy and modest outfit is a huge asset. Due to their versatility and femininity, Maxi Dresses are some of the most admired and fashionable items of clothing in many areas around the world.

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