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How to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually


Casual Maxi Dress Outfit Ideas

Some people think that maxi dresses are only for formal occasions. But current trends have made it possible for women to wear long dresses in a casual way. With the right shoes and accessories, a maxi dress can look stylish and sexy and still be comfy.

The first thing to do is to select a maxi dress that doesn’t look so ceremonial. There are so many styles of cute long dresses available today. But even the most neutral or official-looking maxi dress can be styled for casual wear. Bear in mind that your body type also dictates what would be best for you.

Next, choose the correct length of dress. For a cute look, choose a dress whose hem skims your toenails. If it’s shorter than ankle-length, it doesn’t look like a maxi. If it’s floor-sweeping, it looks substandard or not fitting.

Top to Wear for a Casual Maxi Dress Look

Virtually all types tops will go well with a casual maxi dress. Longer tops will normally look better with long dresses. But crop tops can also work if they contrast the dress. Tops to avoid include business jackets and those that are trendy in formal events.

Depending on the style of your dress, you can play around with long sleeve, short sleeve, half sleeve and sleeveless tops to see which works best. Unless you want to create the illusion that you are wearing a skirt, don’t wear a jacket or sweater that will cover the entire top or the dress. Try one of these:

  • Sleeveless jacket with a sleeved dress
  • Print Blouse with a solid dress
  • Hooded Jacket – leave the hood hanging behind your neck for casual elegance
  • Denim Jacket – these look best when the buttons are undone
  • Button shirt – try men’s shirts a Denim Shirt
  • Open front cardigans
  • Camouflage Jackets – these are very good at exhibiting a care-free attitude
  • Sports Jackets – good at creating a non-formal look
  • An over-sized sweater with a fitted dress
  • Leather Jackets

You can also try a bright maxi dress with a Turtle Neck or patterned blouse.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually

Shoes to Pair with a Casual Maxi Dress

The best shoes for any long dress are those that do not cover the top of your heel. Should you choose to wear covered footwear, go for a maxi dress that will show your ankles. If your dress is extra long and you don’t intend to show your shoes, remember that your footwear will be unleashed as you sit, walk or bend over.

You don’t have to match your shoes to the dress. If you like, you can wear the same color shoes as your top. But avoid shoes that will color-clash with your jacket. For instance, do not wear red shoes if you have a green top.

To add some height, pair your dress with pumps, platforms, high heeled sandals or Strappy Wedges. These types of shoes are great if the maxi dress is too long. They prevent it from dragging on the ground and ruining the hem.

If you don’t want extra height, wear a pair of Cute Sandals. Other types of flats are also fine if they don’t cover too much.

To add more fun to your maxi dress, try embroidered or patterned shoes. Ankle-tie shoes are also cute with a shorter maxi dress.

Boots might be too dressy for a casual maxi dress. But you may still opt to wear them in the winter. If you must wear leather, opt for leather sandals.

Though long dresses don’t usually pair well with sports shoes, some types of sneakers are a great combination. They are also fit for summer outings as the canvas is breathable.

Accessories to Use

Pretty accessories can transform a maxi dress from simple to stunning. For the best results, accessorize your long dress with trendy jewelry. Also make sure that your accessories will agree with the style of your dress. Below are some accessories that you can use to nice up your casual maxi dress.

Best Casual Maxi Dresses

If you don’t have a casual maxi dress yet, you can start with a Floral Print in a light material. A solid color is also okay as long as it has the look and feel of a long silhouette. If you must choose an over-sized dress, avoid heavy fabrics.

Perhaps the best option for most ladies would be a Patterned Long Sleeve Maxi Dress. For an exaggerated casual look, choose a long shirt dress. If you want a fit-and-flare maxi dress, make sure the bodice section fits perfectly.

Other styles that are popular for casual wear include spaghetti, strapless, sleeveless and racer-back. Pencil maxi dresses are not very popular because they seem to hinder walking. But they are still okay with slits preferably on both sides. Some ladies will opt for dresses with pockets to avoid carrying a handbag.

Casual maxi dress

The versatile nature of a maxi dress cannot be undervalued. You can wear it any way you like to create the impression you want. Other than making the best pairing, make the best choice of dress, at the correct length. Following these fashion tips will ensure you a good idea on how to wear a maxi dress casually.

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