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How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress

How to wear a black maxi dress

A black maxi dress is like a template that you can customize your way by playing around with colors. Don’t be confused that there is a right or wrong way of wearing it. There are a lot of different ideas that you can experiment with.

You can pair a black maxi dress for a laid-back look, or a serious appearance for a formal event. The best thing about a black gown is that it is neutral. It doesn’t clash with other colored clothes. But, those other clothes can themselves clash.

First of all, buy a style of black maxi dress that fits your body type. There are so many styles of maxi dresses out there. New fashions are coming into the market almost daily. Find one that fits your shape and just buy it.

When wearing a black maxi dress, the attention is diverted to your feet, face, head and arms. How you dress up your gown dictates the outcome. However glamorous your dress is, you can ruin it by making the wrong choices.

What Top to Wear With a Black Maxi Dress

You can pair a black maxi dress with almost any top. It depends on the type of outing you are planning for. If you feel overwhelmed by the black color, wear a bright T-Shirt, blouse or Sweater over your long dress. This creates the illusion that you are wearing a skirt and dilutes the color of the dress.

Denim Shirts and Jackets are great with maxi dresses. You can wear them buttoned or undone depending on what looks better for you. They are especially perfect for hot weather. They nice up your dark outfits but still keep you cool.

A Leather Jacket in a color like tan is perfect with a long black dress. Such an outfit is ideal for dinners or other night events. A blazer is ideal for professional occasions.

In the winter, choose a long-sleeve maxi with a thick coat or Cardigan. Use a scarf, turtle-neck or gloves as the weather may dictate. You can also layer underneath a long dress using leggings, pants or skinny jeans.

Whatever color of the top you choose, make certain it seems to match with your shoes. For instance, you can pair light blue shoes with a deep blue jacket. But pairing blue shoes with an orange top, or red shoes with a purple jacket will look ridiculous.

Note: Avoid Navy Blue outfits and accessories with a black maxi dress.

How to style a black maxi dress

What Shoes to Wear With a Black Maxi Dress

Any types of shoes that you would wear with colored maxi dresses are okay with a black maxi. But a black maxi dress gives you more freedom to wear colorful and sparkling footwear without stunning. While short outfits look great when paired with closed toe shoes, long gowns look better with feet-baring footwear. However, boots are okay if you wear them in the cold seasons.

If you must wear your black maxi dress with black shoes, opt for Strappy Varieties. Other dark colors might also not go well with your black outfit. These include navy, dark brown and dark grey. To look great in such colors, make sure your shoes will be visible in a photo or mirror. You can achieve this by choosing an ankle-length dress.

For casual outings, choose Sandals, Sneakers or Gladiators. Platforms create a more cheerful style. Sneakers, especially if they are white or light-colored, are a great combination. For formal events, Wedges and some heels will do.

Ladies who want a stylish and sophisticated look would choose Strappy Heels. These are especially great in events that involve minimal walking. For outings with lots of walking like when going shopping, heels can be uncomfortable. Opt for wedges instead.

What color shoes you wear with a black maxi dress depends on the kind of picture you want to portray, and the occasion. Unless this is not apt, the best thing to do is to add a touch of color or gloss to the feet. Buy shoes which are bright, metallic or decorated.

How to Accessorize a Black Maxi Dress

The whole point of accessorizing a black maxi dress is to add color to the look. Black or too dark accessories may not make any difference. If you must wear black accessories, try a wrist ornament with a sleeveless dress, or a small necklace with a wide neck dress.

Most women will prefer colors like white, pink, green, or any color that is in the light or mid tones for black maxi dress accessories. Use these colors for the scarf, clutch bag or hair adornments. For jewelry, choose anything that is bright or metallic.

When wearing black from head to toe, use sparkling jewels like gold or silver to spice up your clothing. An all black outfit seems to keep the focus on the face (and arms if they are visible). You must pay special attention to these areas. Do whatever you can to make your face look sweet.

For casual outings, consider wearing a hat to add some fun. If you are going to a sunny environment, carry some sunglasses. When attending formal occasions like weddings, try to add lots of colors to your long black dress to avoid looking like you are going to a funeral.

Black maxi dress outfits

How to Wear a Black Maxi Dress in Summer

Black clothes go better with darker months. But you can still wear a black maxi dress in the summer if you use the right accessories. Add some summery elements like a bright top, hat, strappy shoes and sunglasses.

Before you wear a black maxi dress in summer, you need to first choose a gown that is light and flowy. If your dress is too thick or clingy, keep it for night outings. For sunny day outings, you can tie a knot at the hem to increase the ventilation.

Denim tops work wonders in transforming outfits for a summery look. As pointed elsewhere, black does not clash with other colors. But some colors like navy, dark grey or dark brown with a black dress may not be summer appropriate. Choose mid-tones instead.

To make your black dress look more summery, try adding more than one color to your other clothes. For instance, you can wear red shoes, a red top and a pink clutch. Also try printed or striped shoes, bag etc.

To make you more comfy and still fabulous in the summer, add colors without increasing warmth. Use accessories like:

  • Mesh Cardigan
  • Straw Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Earrings
  • Hairband
  • Bracelet
  • Necklace etc

When to Wear a Black Maxi Dress

Long dresses are good at hiding imperfect legs. They are also perfect for covering layers during the winter. For beach outings, a light & loose maxi dress is ideal for wearing over your bikini.

To wear your black maxi dress to work, choose a dress with a professional look. Pair it with solid color cardigan or blazer. Find out if other women in your workplace wear maxi dresses. If they do, choose from among the clothes they pair with and see what’s best for you.

For Weddings and other Formal Occasions, pair your black maxi dress with light colored outfits, shoes and accessories. Avoid sheer maxi dresses to formal events. If your dress is see-through, wear a Slip under it.
How to wear a black maxi dress

I hope these style tips are of great help to you as you get ready to wear your black maxi dress. Most importantly, be careful what you wear underneath your dress. Showing the silhouette of your legs does not always look great. Choose a lined dress or buy a Slip Dress.

How do you wear your black maxi dress? If you have additional points, add them in the comment section.

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