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How to Take Off a Bra

How to take off a bra
How to take off a bra

How to Remove a Bra

Bras are tighter than other clothes because they have to hold the breasts in place with minimum bounce. Trouble comes when putting on and taking off. How do you take off a bra the correct way?

If you remove a bra the wrong way, you will have a needless struggle, while the band stretches excessively. Such stretching results in the premature aging of your bra. When the band is no longer the correct size, the bra is worn out beyond repair. You will find useful tips on how to take off a bra in this article.

Taking Off a Back Clasp Bra

Back closure bras are the most popular ones, but not the easiest to take off. The hook and eye closure is virtually out of reach to some people. Either way, you can use one of the two methods highlighted below:

Method 1

This method involves reaching for the back and unclasping the hooks before doing anything else. It is the easiest and fastest way to remove a regular bra. But it is not practical to all women and girls. This is the procedure:

  1. Bring your hands to the back of the band to grab the clasp
  2. Your right hand should be holding the right side of the closure and vice versa. This way, your right hand is on the hooks, and the left is on the eyelet side
  3. Use the tips of your right-hand fingers to feel the hooks
  4. Undo the clasps to release
  5. Slide the bra through your arms

Note 1: If you are new to bras of this sort, it is a good idea to carefully scrutinize how the hooks work when the bra is off
Note 2: Avoid pulling the bad too low as this will make it age prematurely. If you must do this, first let the straps hang by your upper arm
Note 3: Do not cross your hands when reaching for the band as this will make undoing more difficult

Taking off a back hook bra
Taking off a back hook bra

Method 2

This method is ideal if you are not so flexible as to reach for the hooks at the back. Just follow these steps:

  1. Drop the straps from your shoulders
  2. Loosen the band by forcing it down a couple of inches. As you do this, remove the straps from your arms
  3. Turn the band around your body so that the hook closure is at your abdomen
  4. Undo the hook-and-eye and you’re through

Removing a Back Hook Bra with Your Blouse On

If you feel that your twins need to breathe, or just need to take the pressure off your chest, you can take off your bra without necessarily removing your shirt. This is how you do it:

  1. Reach for the back of the band and undo the closure
  2. With your right hand, drop the left bra clasp from the shoulder onto the upper arm
  3. Slip your hand inside the shirt sleeve and grab the strap
  4. Bring the strap all the way to over your left hand so that it is completely free
  5. Repeat the same process using your left hand on the right strap
  6. You are now no longer wearing the bra but it is rather inside your shirt. Simply slide your hand under your belly and retrieve it

Note: If you have a long-sleeved shirt, undoing the sleeve buttons first may be necessary. In case you are wearing a top with form-fitting long sleeves, taking the bra off in this manner might be impossible.

How to Take Off a Pullover Bra

You may think that pullover bras are the easiest to remove. It seems so because you hoist the bra over your head just like a T-shirt. But it all depends on the rigidity, elasticity and support level.

Bralettes and other crop tops come off easily. But you can get literally stuck in a high impact pullover sports bra. Here’s the procedure for hard to remove pullover bras:

  1. Grab the band and force it just above the bust
  2. Without unnecessarily stretching the band, work towards your back to ensure the band is higher than your bust, and the breasts are free
  3. Hold your arms in a criss-cross position and slip each hand under the opposite armpit to grab the back of the bra band
  4. Gently slide the band upwards, maneuvering your body as may be necessary
In most cases, the easier way is to let the bra come off inside-out.

How to Remove Adhesive Bras

You cannot take off a sticky bra in a rush. First, you need to undo the front clasp. Then, carefully peel off the cups. Starting at the top and moving gradually down will help you remove the bra faster.

If any adhesive residue is left behind, use a paper tissue or cloth to remove. Some adhesives are stubborn and won’t come off easily. In this case, use spirit gum remover.

Taking off adhesive bra
Taking off adhesive bra

Taking Off a Strapless Bra

Removing a strapless bra depends on how it is designed. If the bra has a front clasp or zip, you remove it like you do a button shirt. With the clasp at the back, you lower it to your natural waist and rotate it to bring the hooks to the front for easier unclasping. If there is no closure (like in a bandeau), you take it off like a pullover bra.

How to Remove a Front Clasp Bra

How to remove a front closure bra
How to remove a front closure bra

Taking off a front closure bra is super easy. You just unhook or undo the zip and the bra comes off. But knowing the side on which the hooks are is crucial. This is because you may need to loosen the clasp, but without removing the bra.

Conversely, it is important to learn how to undo bra hooks with one hand. At times, such tactics come in handy like in cases of injury etc. It is also good to know that some bras clasp at the front in case you may be required to remove your partner/friends bra and you can’t find the hooks.

How to remove a bra
Removing a Bra

Whichever type of bra you wear, comfort is the key. Ease when taking off is also a factor you can’t ignore. Though you can’t stop your bra from normal wear and tear, taking care not to damage the band is paramount. Using these tips when taking off your bra guarantees you not only ease but also a longer lifespan.

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