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Should You Wear a Bra to Bed?

Should you wear a bra to bed

Is it better to Sleep with or without a Bra?

There is a wide range of opinions as to whether it is necessary to wear a bra to bed. Science-based information is filled with contradictions and inconsistencies. This has led to confusion regarding the benefits and/or the disadvantages of wearing a bra to sleep.

What is clear though is that a carefully chosen and well-fitting bra gives more comfortable sleep to a good number of women. Some experts say that wearing a bra to sleep should cause no issues provided you choose the most comfortable one.

What Happens When You Sleep With a Bra on?

Nothing surprising should happen just by wearing a bra at night. Nevertheless, some issues might occur because of your choice of sleeping bra. If you choose the wrong size or style, you may experience bondage, irritation, and pinching as you sleep. This may be followed by more discomfort after waking up.

There is absolutely no proof that sleeping in bras is either beneficial or dangerous. Since modern-day bras were invented, is has been found that holding the breasts up makes them stay up for extra years. So, your breasts might look better for longer if you wear a bra to bed.

Benefits of Wearing a Bra to Bed

There is no solid evidence that wearing a bra to bed is beneficial. There are reports that claim that it helps reduce stretch marks. Women and girls, especially those with a big bust, get worried when lying on the side and see how the skin stretches on the sides of the boobs.

If wearing a bra by day can help reduce stretch marks on the upper bust, it is possible that a sleep bra can prevent wrinkles on the sides. The lack of evidence to support this doesn’t mean there is evidence to oppose it.

Pullover sleep bra.jpg

Why Do Ladies Wear Bras to Bed?

The reasons for wearing bras to sleep are diverse across ages, locations, and cultures. Some of them are highlighted below:

  1. Sleeping with a bra on might help with stretch marks according to some specialists
  2. In cold places, a bra increases warmth
  3. Nursing and pregnant women wear bras at night to avoid milk leaking onto the bedding
  4. Big boobs tend to get stuck between the armpit and the bed sheet
  5. Comfort – the need for some kind of embrace
  6. Big breasts are still subjected to gravity even when lying down – small ones seem to flatten against the rib cage
  7. Out of habit, some feel exposed and insecure if they don’t wear a bra to bed
  8. From personal experience, some women and lingerie specialists are of the opinion that a bra to bed enhances breast shape
  9. Some women are of the opinion that unsupported breasts are disgusting, regardless of where they are or what they are doing
  10. A good number of women with big busts feel like the boobs are all over the place as if they are not part of the body unless they have some sort of support
  11. Some women claim that they always suffer some form of pain and/or discomfort in the bust area unless they sleep in a bra

Disadvantages of Wearing a Bra to Sleep

Though some benefits of sleeping without a bra are imagined or ill-perceived, there are still some disadvantages of wearing a bra in bed. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Wearing a bra in bed makes you hotter
  2. Underwires may poke your skin or bust
  3. May restrict blood circulation
  4. Might lead to skin irritation
  5. Reddening or darkening of the skin
  6. Some ladies cannot tolerate any form of underwear and therefore prefer other clothes to bed
Super soft cotton lace bralette

Does Sleeping Without a Bra Cause Sagging?

When lying on the back, breasts sag sideways. If lying on the side, breasts tend to point towards the mattress. Some people argue that this causes slight sagging and sleep bras can delay the process and help avert stretch marks.

Some studies have concluded that wearing a bra by day or night can only delay, but not prevent, sagging. It therefore follows that wearing a bra to bed can only delay the sagging process but cannot eliminate it completely. It also follows that this might reduce the possibility of stretch marks.

Best Bras to Wear While Sleeping

Some women will wear virtually any type of bra to bed. However, there are features that you should look out for. Below are some qualities of a good sleep bra:

  • Should not pinch anywhere
  • Should not rotate around your body
  • Not suffocating
  • If it has laces or other adornments, they should not irritate your skin
  • Your breasts should have negligible movement inside the cups as you turn

A good sleep bra needs to be loose but properly fitting. Wider straps and band ensure minimal digging. Most normal bras may therefore not be suitable. The best bras to sleep in include:

Bra alternatives include:

Note: some tanks will have shelf bras attached. These may not be suitable for sleep as they have the disadvantages of an ordinary bra. Finding the right cup size may also be a challenge.

Wearing a bra to sleep

Does Sleeping Without a Bra Make Your Breasts Grow?

There are some opinions that sleeping in a bra may lead to stunted breast growth. Some women will therefore instruct their young girls to remove their training bras while going to bed so as to give room for the breasts to grow. This myth is mainly based on traditions where binding certain parts of the body prevented growth.

Binding is NOT the same as sleeping in a bra. Even the most constricting bra CANNOT hinder growth but may lead to other issues. The speed and intensity of breast development is affected by factors like age, genes and health conditions. Wearing or not wearing certain types of clothing, day or night, does not affect growth.

Does Sleeping in a Bra Cause Cancer?

No conclusive studies have proven whether wearing a bra to bed causes cancer. Some experts say that restrictive, ill-fitting bras can lead to non-cancerous lumps. Others are of the opinion that overly tight bras can result in conditions which might in turn cause cancer.

Some theories suggest that breasts should stay cooler than the rest of the body so as to avoid breast cancer. Though this is yet to be proven, staying on the safer side is always harmless. I recommend the use of properly fitting, moisture-wicking/breathable bras like Sports Bras and Sleep Bras.

Yoga bra for sleeping in
Yoga bra for sleeping in

The best thing you can do in deciding whether you should sleep in a bra is to carefully evaluate all the facts. Should you settle on wearing one, be sure it is the right type and size. You can start by trying a customized Sleep Bra. My advice is that you should wear a bra to bed if it feels comfortable for you.

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