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How to Wear a Maxi Dress If You Are Short

How to wear a maxi dress if you are short

Ever since maxi dresses came into fashion, women have come to love how the hemline softly swings around the ankles. But short women feel locked out of this long and flowy fashion. Manufacturers of these gowns target average heights, and petites fear looking shorter when wearing them. But by choosing the right maxi dress and styling it the right way, it can increase height for short ladies.

Who can wear maxi dresses?
Maxis are more flattering on petites than midis and tea length dresses. Some short women think that maxi dresses are not for them because they can’t seem to get their right size.

Though shortening a long gown to fit a short person is sometimes possible, altering the hem only is not always enough. The bodice also needs to be styled for a short lady. Amending this piece to fit a petite lady is normally a complicated adventure.

Thankfully, some designers nowadays make clothes exclusively for short women. If you can’t find your correct size at your locale, try shopping online in stores like Amazon. Make sure the seller has a good return policy in case you receive the wrong size.

If you are not sure which style of maxi dress will fit your body figure, try a maxi that flares from the hip down but is fitted at the bodice. For the color, choose dark neutrals like black or navy. These shades are versatile, and look simple and elegant.

Love colored clothes? Buy a maxi dress with long thin vertical stripes, or small prints arranged vertically. For the summer, opt for light neutrals like white. To look great, choose the right color dress for the weather or event. Shades that attract unnecessary attention will make you look odd.

What to Do If a Maxi Dress is Too Long for You

When shopping for a maxi dress, look for sellers with departments for petites. Shortening a long maxi dress is not always the answer. Sometimes, the bodice may also not fit you because it was designed for tall ladies.

Alternatively, you can go for a maxi skirt. Long skirts are normally easier to style than dresses when it comes to short girls. Wear your maxi skirt high-waist or fold down the waistband.

If you already bought a maxi dress and it is too long, you can try one of the following:
  • Find a good seamstress who knows how to shorten hems
  • Use a belt to hike up the waist
  • If you are good at Diy sewing, you can shorten the dress yourself
  • For leisure wear, tie a knot at the front or side of the hem

Petite maxi dress

Top to Wear With a Petite Maxi Dress

The best top to pair with your maxi dress depends on the style of your dress. If the dress is full-figured, style it with a fitted top. Avoid oversized, dressy, and boxy as they will seem dwarfy on you.

To complement the flowy maxi look, choose jackets with stiff materials like denim and leather. Leather jackets are particularly perfect for cool weather and night outings. For warm summer weather, opt for a denim jacket or mesh cardigan.

short jackets look better for short ladies with maxi dresses. They help in keeping the focus on the dress, while creating the illusion of height. If you must wear a long jacket, choose one that is fitted.

Regardless of the style of top you choose, be sure it won’t clash with your shoes. Choose colors that are closely alike for the top and footwear. Incompatible colors include red+green, blue+orange, and yellow+purple.

What Shoes to Wear

Heels should be your first choice when looking for shoes to pair with your petite maxi dress. This is especially so if you are attending a formal event. If you’d rather not wear high heels, go for wedges. Adding a little height is worth more than nothing. You can still wear low shoes like flat sandals for leisurely walks etc.

Whichever height of shoes you choose, go for strappy varieties. Maxi gowns always look fabulous with feet-bearing shoes. Closed footwear looks ridiculous with long dresses if the weather is fine. For winter though, you can even wear boots or sneakers.

If you must wear shoes with closed toes, avoid rounded toes. Opt for pointy toe heels instead. Rather than wear ankle straps, choose strappy shoes instead. If you love closed shoes, go for peep-toe varieties.

Accessories for Petite Maxi Dresses

To really look nice in you petite maxi dress, you need to use the right accessories. These include a carefully chosen handbag, statement jewelry, and a headband. For outdoor events, you may include sunglasses and a hat. A big straw hat adds volume to the top and dilutes the impression of being overwhelmed by fabric.

If the dress is loose on the waist, use a belt to create a streamlined look. To accentuate your dress with a belt in a contrasting color, pick a thin belt. For a wide belt, closely match with your dress to avoid color blocking – which makes you look shorter.

To add glamour to your outfit, use peals, and crystals. Depending on the event, you can wear shiny earrings, a statement necklace, and other adornments. Choose a small bag, preferably with long straps, like a cross-body bag.

Best Maxi Dresses for Short Women

If you are short, choosing the perfect maxi dress entails going for one that will make you look taller. Some styles of dresses to avoid include shirt-dresses and those with horizontal stripes. Styles to consider are V-neck, vertical stripes, A-line and color combo. See petite maxi dresses at Amazon.

Always try to pick one that that will bear at least part of your arms and/or shoulders. Sleeveless, spaghetti and tank styles are some of the best. If you must wear a sleeved maxi dress, choose short, cap-sleeves or ¾ sleeves.

Long-sleeved maxis create the impression that you are trying too hard to cover up. This leads to the look of being engulfed in the material. This style is only suitable in winter. However, long sleeve maxi dresses with slits are also cute.

Petite maxi dress

Still think you are too short to wear long dresses? If you want to wear a maxi dress, confidence is your best accessory. Be determined to look cute. Follow these styling tips and also experiment with different colors and styles. You will eventually look and feel fashionable and comfy in your maxi dress even if you are short.